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an inventory of poems

The famous gum wall, Seattle. by Leonie Wise
The famous gum wall, Seattle. by Leonie Wise
the famous gum wall in seattle

one you can sing to the clouds

one that knows what to surrender

one to hum whilst you walk

one to recite before bed

one you shout from the rooftops

one that can be used to moisturise your skin

one you sweep under the corner of the rug

one that got stuck to the bottom of your shoe

one the colour of the ocean

one that lives in your suitcase

one that’s cracked and peeling

one that demands champagne

one you can’t help but dance to

one you can exchange for a dollar

one to be opened only under a full moon

one you keep in a bowl on the table

one to get dirty

one hidden between the pages of a book

one you can only see in the shadows

one to set on fire

one to save for when no-one is looking

one that can be used to carry water

one that doesn’t need anything

one to be the one that listens

one that is beautiful, just for the sake of it

one as light as a feather

one that broke a sacred vow

one that brings you close to your friends

one that is always in your dreams

one for every day of the month