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a few favourites

a few favourites

20140325-205024.jpgpicnic supper on the craters edge, mt. eden last night


watching  |  this BRILLIANT and HILARIOUS youtube video – Les Beaux Frères – Serviette

marvelling  | over the climb required to get to the Mt. Huashan tea house

making  |  this seer’s tea by beth from local milk

using  |  the makr ipad app that she writes about in the link above to produce some labels for all the chutneys i’ve been making. now i just need to find a good source for avery labels in nz

going  |  orienteering with my man + a friend at the auckland club’s summer nav series

loving  |  eat here now – an auckland-based eating out guide. it’s a bit light on waiheke content though… might try & change that.

listening  |  to ronna detrick – thanks ever so much to the numinous jane for the introduction

coveting  |  turntable kitchen’s cookbook in a box

reading  |  kelsey forages for spaghetti, writes about the experience and manages to find words i feel but haven’t found myself *ever* able to verbalise so perfectly…

…if we’re lucky enough to have a partner, sibling, parent, or friend who doesn’t back away from the vulnerable, ugly, and often lopsided parts of our journey, we should be bold enough to say thank you loudly and often. There is no work more important, in my opinion, than to accept this love and learn to share it with as many people as we can muster. It is the only work to be done in this lifetime, really. We go through our years busy-ing ourselves with work and pleasure and community, yet despite it all, we still often feel so darn alone. We must reach for one another, constantly.  We have to try and crouch together, we have to try to laugh, to listen, to cry, to bear witness to each other’s lives… they are affirmations to our humanity and our deep and fundamental longing to know and be known.
Kelsey Brown {happyolks}