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the weekend that was

the weekend that was


+ a busy friday tearing around auckland crossing things off my list

+ then another relaxing friday night with the mister making prawns tacos again (so, so tasty)

+ an early start to saturday morning, meeting a friend at the ferry to go over to our new house to talk through a list of minor repairs needing to be done

+ then stopping at another friends to pick up a heavy duty weed eater on the way home

+ chicken tacos

+ sunday morning sleep-in plans foiled by my body waking up at 6am

+ coffee and catching up on some reading in bed before getting up

+ tidying the gardens, nic mowing lawns and getting the weed eater into the darkest recesses of the overgrowth

+ ice cold cider after the gardening was done

+ putting the last few of our things in boxes ready for next weekend’s move

+ one of my brothers coming to visit and staying the night

+ re-watching/listening to coldplay from the itunes festival at sxsw

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