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a few favourites

a few favourites

rain - abstract. (c) leonie wise

looking out into the rain this morning


reading  |  up on making sausages over on the country trading blog

making  |  loads of garlic preserved in olive oil + garlic, coriander & chilli flavoured olive oil + pickled garlic + pickled mushrooms + dukkah

buying  |  locally caught fish + locally baked bread + locally roasted coffee

submitting  |  photos for the next prompt over at words to shoot by

eagerly awaiting  |  the grand budapest hotel coming soon to the waiheke cinema

resurrecting  |  my own sourdough mother so i can make more of my own loaves

planting  |  habanero seeds collected from our own plant + pomegranate seeds from a fruit off a friend’s tree

wearing  |  red bands – “loved by kiwis for generations”

wondering  |  how quickly we can get a new water tank installed – we have two medium-sized ones in use and they’re both full, so all the rain we’re currently getting is causing them to overflow. as much as a long, hot shower would be, all i can think about is trying to save more of it for when the dry weather comes back around