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a few favourites

a few favourites

Two Paddocks Pinot Noir. Polaroid SX-70, Impossbile PX-70 film


reading  |  the goldfinch by donna tartt, wake by elizabeth knox, the true secret of writing by natalie goldberg

listening  |  hol baumann on itunes radio

watching  |  the tedx talk by ann dowsett-johnston (thanks to marianne for the link)

making  |  roasted cauliflower salad, chicken sofrito, tuna confit – all from jerusalem by yotam ottolenghi and sami tamimi

writing  |  a haiku a day, straight after my morning meditation

planning  |  a trip this week to my sisters place for a preserving (canning) session, a trip next month to visit a friend

receiving  |  sit still. listen. trust