a little bit sad

in less than 48 hours time, nic and i will be sitting on a plane bound for new zealand (via 8 days in california).

i admit that i really didn’t like london for the first 12 months we were here. then somehow, without me really noticing, this city has crept under my skin. and (amongst all the jump-out-of-my-skin excited feelings i have because i am going back to my homeland for the summer and will get to see so many of my family and friends) i find myself just a tiny bit sad  to be leaving.

i have made some really great friends on this side of the world, and knowing that i won’t see any of them for 3+ months feels like a heavy stone weighing on my chest.

i’m sure my sadness will swiftly depart, as soon as i’m back in my homeland.

and in the meantime, i will be spending my last full day in this crazy city in the company of my gorgeous friends jeanine and sas, and my beloved nic. i can’t think of three better people to spend parts of my day with.

postcards to come from the road…. i would welcome your company if you would like to travel with me?

14 thoughts on “a little bit sad

  • How lucky you are to have two places that are so near and dear to your heart. Have a wonderful summer! (feels so weird telling you that, while we are in the midst of a quickly approaching winter!)

  • Safe travels lovely one ~ will you be in LA when you’re in CA? I feel like we emailed about this at one point…in any case, thinking of you!

  • Happy final days in Londontown

    (tell Jeanine that Katherine said hi…and no, I’m not stalking her) :)

  • Moving away from friends is always hard. But I hope that your trip is save and that you have a wonderful last few days. *hugs*

  • I’ll definitely be looking out for the postcards. You’re welcome to call in if you’re near the Pohangina Valley, too.

    Of course, another way to think of leaving London is to enjoy the anticipation of returning :^)

  • Welcome back! Is it Wellington you are heading for? Wellington and Christchurch are my two favourite cities.
    I’d love to travel more but I would always want to come back to New Zealand.

  • sending great adventure vibes, chest lightening vibes and coming close to Whangarei vibes.

  • Safe travels, beautiful girl.
    Your homeland has surely missed the magic that the two of you carry wherever you roam.

  • that’s how love happens, it grows. i’m feeling sad with you girl. and i’m always along for your travels. xo ((hugs))

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