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a little bit sad

a little bit sad

in less than 48 hours time, nic and i will be sitting on a plane bound for new zealand (via 8 days in california).

i admit that i really didn’t like london for the first 12 months we were here. then somehow, without me really noticing, this city has crept under my skin. and (amongst all the jump-out-of-my-skin excited feelings i have because i am going back to my homeland for the summer and will get to see so many of my family and friends) i find myself just a tiny bit sad  to be leaving.

i have made some really great friends on this side of the world, and knowing that i won’t see any of them for 3+ months feels like a heavy stone weighing on my chest.

i’m sure my sadness will swiftly depart, as soon as i’m back in my homeland.

and in the meantime, i will be spending my last full day in this crazy city in the company of my gorgeous friends jeanine and sas, and my beloved nic. i can’t think of three better people to spend parts of my day with.

postcards to come from the road…. i would welcome your company if you would like to travel with me?