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a recent inventory

a recent inventory

a sight // the jug of poppies on the dining table. every morning new buds have broken open, the flowers within unfurled and shining their petaled faces at me.

a smell // the log burner, flickering and puffing wood ash into the room as i breathe on to it, willing the wet wood in it to alight.

a sound // kaka, squawking in the trees around the house. a(nother) sign of vibrant birdlife where we live.

a touch // the warmth of a wool blanket as i curl up on the sofa on a wet and windy weekend afternoon.

a taste // champagne on the week preceding my birthday + on my birthday weekend. lots and lots of delicious champagne.

(prompts from the newly published moon lists workbook)


adding a couple more of my own

an experience // tuesday night dinner with friends – champagne and takeaways and a delightful evening + 24 hours with a girlfriend, whose birthday is only two days before mine + a lunch with our neighbours, who we haven’t seen for 12 months and it only feels like yesterday since we last spoke + birthday wishes from my family – i love them all.

a perspective // when guns become garden tools, fear turns into trust and healing happens.