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a recent inventory

a recent inventory

a sight // for five years our little myer lemon tree has struggled to hang on to its blossoms, most of them falling off as soon as there’s a storm. a few months ago i transplanted it into a half wine barrel and it seems to be enjoying its new home. there’s hundreds of buds on it right now so i’m hopeful that some blooms will yield fruit this year.

a smell // the irresistible tang of the ocean.

a sound // the fan in our living room is on all year round – circulating warm air in the winter and cool in the summer. right now it needs cleaning, a build up of dust making its presence heard with every rotation.

a touch // its getting to the time of year when the sun is high enough in the sky to touch our deck. as soon as sunlight touches timber, milo is out in it, his feline form stretched out to take it all in.

a taste // hibiscus & ginger sparkling tea — yesterday with gin, today without.

(inspired by the moon lists workbook)


adding a couple more of my own

a spontaneity // bumping into two of my girlfriends on the ferry on thursday night, we decide there’s no time like the present to have our next meal together. so, it’s diy pizzas at timmy’s house that evening.

a relaxation // coffee in the spa this morning, enjoying the verdant bush that’s continuing to establish itself around our tub, listening to the birdsong, slapping at the occasional mosquito.