a space for scraps

by bradmontague | buy a copy of the print from here


with a world in crisis bring with it a global awakening? will it bring us closer together in virtual communities of light even as we witness a new darkness and are asked to physically distance ourselves from each other?


i love alex franzen’s list of 50 ways to be ridiculously generous — and feel ridiculously good (that don’t require much time or money).

Your choices, your efforts, and your contributions do matter. Checking in with an elder. Teaching a class. Releasing your new song, drawing, essay, any kind of art, to add beauty to the world and soothe weary spirits. Purchasing. Donating. Doing. Even just listening. It all helps. It all matters. Often, more than you think.


from am i overthinking this? by michelle rial

Poetry for Tumultuous Times at onbeing.org

Poets are always prophets in unsettled times and places, and they are here for us now.


french castle mail art by naomi bulger

naomi bulger has put 38 free mail-art templates from 2 years of newsletters into one email for her subscribers. i am happy to forward it to you if you leave me a comment saying you’d like it.


stay safe out there, friends


4 thoughts on “a space for scraps

  • Yes, My thoughts too – make the absolute most of the time – be old fashioned and know that time is good for reflection and revival. Be old fashioned- write letters :-) draw on the envelopes… so many ways now we have internet. Or rediscover yourself in the quiet. Speak life.

  • Hey Leonie

    Hope your keeping well in the strangest of times. I’d love a copy of the mail templates.

    Stay healthy!

    Best wishes,


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