alter ego revisited

unravelling - alter ego

i wrote a blog post a while ago about my alter ego.

since then i have actually incorporated some of those things into my everyday life; things like cowboy boots and a hat, spots with stripes and pretty frocks over jeans. i am still working on the tattoo (but i’ve been looking for something for years & still not found anything that moves me enough to have it permanently etched on my skin).

so, now i dig a little deeper and have come up with the following list (still to be incorporated – i am sure i’ll find a way!)…

1. she’s a little bit dark and angsty artist like eva green in franklyn.
2. she wears funky party frocks like this beauty from etsy
3. she dresses in vivienne westwood and drinks champagne for breakfast every morning
4. and is a little bit scary in a fever ray kinda way

she also has long hair, isn’t afraid to splash on a bit of makeup (something i rarely do) and paints her nails stormy dark blues & purples.

who have you got as a part of yourself that is daring you to let them out?

4 thoughts on “alter ego revisited

  • Mine is fluent in eight languages and can sail a catamaran solo. She wears silk and cotton with equal grace and does everything she is afraid to do.

    She can hold her own in a game of chess or conversation, can chameleon into anything or anyone without ever losing Herself.

    She harnessed the wind to power a jacuzzi tub and soaks after a long day’s climb, with languid limbs and calloused hands she writes her own biography.

  • My alter ego will join you for champagne breakfast in tartan Westwood. Oh, and she will fly first class all the way to London town.

    Then again, my alter ego is also a smoker who clasps her long fingers around long, French cigarette holders, Cruella de Ville style.

    She’s a bit of a lush, really, dahling.

    PS — you would look very dishy in a party frock :)

  • Your alter-egos sound waaaaay cooler than mine, Leonie!

    I have numerous alter-egos, unfortunately they are all revolting personalities and my boyfriend is scared of them. The two most prominent are the bogan chick from Highbury and the Aussie footy commentator.

    On the plus side, I dress nothing like any of my alter-egos – I always dress like the colourful hippie chick that I am :-)

  • It is funny that you write about your tattoo. I too have long thought of what I would get, were I to get one…
    The first, the one that has stuck the longest, is a maple leaf. I am proud to call Canada home and feel most comfortable here.
    The second would be something to remind me to keep peace and love in my heart. To stay positive and generate good karma…for this I think a lotus flower or a cross.

    Now that I have got the short list, if I could only get over the needle phobia, I would be one step closer….sigh…

    I think you are perfect without a hat or a tattoo, walking barefoot instead of in cowboy boots. Drink champagne for breakfast, dress how you like. Just do thinks that make you happy — that make your insides shine with joy. Be you, Leonie!

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