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alter ego

alter ego

1. Another side of oneself; a second self
2. An intimate friend or a constant companion

Latin : alter, other + ego, I, self

i was talking to pen* the other day on the train about alter egos and what [some of] ours might look like. this is something that i think about quite a bit. i reckon it would be really fun to own a dress up box for grownup girls – all those women who never did it when they were little, or never did it enough, or loved it so much they just want to carry on! a place where girls of all ages and sizes can come and try on clothes all day – be cleopatra for an afternoon, or the cowgirl they have always dreamed they were… a place of acceptance, where nothing is too silly, or not right… a place where photos can be taken, memories made and loads of fun had.

in my head, i wear stripey socks over funky skirts
i mix colours that aren’t meant to be mixed,
and wear spots with stripes…

i have a whole selection of cowgirl boots and hats
beautiful floral dresses to wear over jeans,
i’m a little bit rockstar-princess and have a tattoo (or two)

i have a boxful of hats,
a closetful of dresses & jeans,
a jacket in every colour
perfect for any mood

i wear sequin dresses,
drink champagne before breakfast
dance barefoot,
know spells,
live with arms wide open

i’m a photographer who has her own style,
wears aprons simply for the fun of it,
owns 24 bikinis (one with the stars & stripes on it) and they all look fabulous,
and loves to jump.

so, this month i’m going to pick something. even just one thing and let my alter ego escape. perhaps a pair of socks, some cowgirl boots or a hat

what could you do this month in order to play with your alter ego/s?

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