between the folds

between the folds

she bravely scrapes dust from her hard outer shell,
showing celadon layers of softness and grace,
between comforting folds live both laughter & sorrow,
bonded together as inseparable friends.
she’s come a long way to be here in this moment,
and her journey’s a long way from reaching it’s end…
the friendships she gathers down wandering pathways
add shine to this garment she wears of her life.
she is learning that stillness is as essential as action;
that silence belongs here as much as the words,
every death to the old speaks a new YES to life,
fuels the fires of desire for living her truth.
deep in the folds, there’s a wellspring, a knowing, and
she’s learning to let go, and trust in the process –
deep in the folds is where healing commences,
her own sacred medicine the best balm for her soul.

© 2009 leonie faith wise

(inspired by my life, this community , and these words)

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