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book fairy tales

book fairy tales

so, you know christine mason miller – right? ;)

her book ordinary sparkling moments for me was like a permission slip; to feel okay about being myself, to know that i’m not the only one who feels a certain way, to *dare* to dream and live creatively. some parts of it feel very much like pieces of my own story and it speaks to me deeply whenever i dive into it’s pages.

so, of course i am delighted to be a book fairy to support christine’s 100 books project.

one of her books recently traveled with me to the algarve in portugal. it’s a beautiful place with lovely beaches and warm sunshine – the perfect place to relax and unplug myself from the world.

the spot i chose to leave this book was in a very public space near the beach of albufeira.


i wanted it to be by the sea, because i grew up by the ocean, at a beach with golden sands. my childhood memories of growing up with sand between my toes still makes me smile. the ocean is where i return to when my soul needs a refill. christine’s book for me is similar – it’s like i get a top-up of sunshine and soul-full-ness each time i open it.

the book, whilst waiting for a new owner, had a fantastic view of the sea.

what the book saw

the steps where it sat had to be passed by fairly closely for anyone to notice the book because it kinda blended in with the colours of it’s surroundings. and, since there are many portugese (as well as tourists) in this area, i figured it would have a better chance of being picked up by a local than simply leaving it anywhere near our apartment.

can you see it?

the drop point

we wandered off for a look around the town, returning about an hour later to discover it had gone.

christine, i hope you hear from whoever picked it up and they get as much pleasure from your book as i have done.