postcards from paris

in which we spend a weekend in paris, hanging out with the delightful paris parfait and her lovely husband.

their place is filled with amazing finds from brocantes and markets, is lovelier than any hotel we’ve ever stayed in; the food, wine and especially the company are beyond compare.

eiffel tower in the mist
passerelle de l’avre & le tour eiffel.
a grey day in paris.
the eiffel tower just a smudge in the sky from the st cloud side of the seine

2 thoughts on “postcards from paris

  • I had to smile, she took us here too and I have a very similar photograph.

    I’m having the loveliest time wandering through your blog. I don’t usually do this thing where I sit down and read all but I have had a partially shitty day and I am finding so many things, people … connections I guess. A little bit of something like home.

  • ::sigh:: If I lived in London I’d be in Paris every other weekend… I am jealous of all the great long weekend trips so close to you. Paris is lovely even when it is grey…

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