i just can’t figure it out

there’s a lot of things i can’t reconcile in this world. this is one of them…

how can people in london supermarkets, be tossing bags of produce from kenya (country of origin may vary depending on seasonality) into their shopping baskets and trolleys without a second glance, when this is happening.

kenya as a country can’t feed itself, yet british residents can buy produce (currently beans, tenderstem broccoli) from there in their local supermarkets…

and it’s not just food…

100 tons of flowers are transported from kenya by dutch farmers every day—these are non-native flowers that are being grown on kenya’s dwindling water supply. Even in the midst of this crisis, the flowers have not missed a day for delivery to western consumers.
– source: mongobaby.com


5 thoughts on “i just can’t figure it out

  • I agree, it’s completely mad! We have to rethink all this; the have-nots suffer more and more… Sigh. xoxox

  • so does watching it happen mean complicity?

    Here in good old NZ, Cadbury’s changed their choc recipe and upped the palm oil content.(think deforestation issues and extinction of gorilla’s) NZer’s voted with their dollar and switched to Whittakers.. Cadbury changed recipe back BUT lost a lot of market share and goodwill in the process… As Dire Straits sing… “that’s the way to do it”

  • The war for food and water. I know Nic is right but I hope against hope that we can find a better way, FAST.

  • BTW, I ment “bought” as in, we own the land.

    the UK, atleast, appears to contract out to Kenyans to grow it – so they are the land owner, and sell to Tesco’s et al. The Korean one (again, not sure it’s Korea): Korea owns the land – I guess they get Kenyans to work the land, but they wouldn’t have to.

    Welcome to World War 3. The war for water and food. It’s going to get messsssssy.

  • Also, Korea (I think) bought up a load of Kenya, or a country in a similar area, to do the same.

    Seriously. WTF.

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