castaway’s choice

Castaway's Choice - Polaroid SX-70, 779 film. by Leonie Wise

castaway’s choice: 8 LP boxed set – seen in a charity shop window today. (polaroid sx-70, 779 film)


i almost bought this box set of eight records today… but we don’t have a record player.

and, if i had purchased these LP’s i would have felt compelled to buy a portable turntable.

then i would have felt that purchase totally justified me being able to pack a picnic, walk to my lounge and setup on the floor (because it’s raining outside).

and  then, i would have had to play every album until i’d listened to the whole lot.

instead i took a photograph and left them in the window. that’s a whole lotta time and money saved right there people.

a lucky escape (even if it wasn’t to a tropical island).


i could do with some new music to listen to right now…
recent favourites:

  1. blind pilot
  2. hammock
  3. bonobo

anyone got some future listening suggestions for me?

One thought on “castaway’s choice

  • My Dad has that LP box set!!!! Wow, I am getting all sorts of flashbacks to my childhood right now seeing that artwork!
    If I remember correctly the actual music is f*$&ing awful and there’s no way you’d want to be cast away with it, even on a really nice desert island. I do remember all the album covers were cool though and they smelt good too – probably because they were never played!

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