the only roll they had


on a recent trip away i realised i’d packed the holga but no film! cue panic and a few moments of berating myself, then wondering where i was going to find 120 film in a tiny town in southern england. moments later, my worries were over as i wandered into a local photo store and bought the only roll of 120 film they had – ilford 400ASA black & white.

being new to this whole plastic experience, and having only 12 chances to get things right, i was a little more careful and considered when choosing my shots than when using a digital camera. there were a couple that i just didn’t get right, but some that i am rather happy with; like this one, taken whilst wandering the streets of east london.


angie muldowney came to london to hang out with me last wednesday and we had a lovely time first in deptford, then wandering along the southbank. she had a roll of tungsten film in her camera and i love the results. she very generously gifted me some expired 120 film so i’ll be playing with one of those next.

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