postcards from coates

dear friends
the barn
i am writing to you from the barn at castle cottage
the barn - bedroom
we have the most beautiful and peaceful accommodations
love in a jar
where even the smallest of things make us feel very welcome
castle cottage
this is the main house
and here’s the treehouse (booked a year in advance)
tree in the fog
the morning fog gives it even more of a magical feel,
coates castle
when through the quiet woods, a castle appears in the distance

(darlene’s delightful december views project 2008)

* ttv dust layer applied to all my december view photos is thanks to (filter found in the ttvdust pool on flickr)

9 thoughts on “postcards from coates

  • Oh my goodness, you have been so busy in the few days I have been absent! (And thank you so very much, by the way, for your encouragement. It means alot to me, and it helped pull me through) And thank you again for sharing these wonderful photos… I am breathless at the magical things you have done and seen.

  • ohhh, my…. this place looks amazing… such peace radiates from your photos alone. and that treehouse…omg! i want to stay there…

    thank you so much for commenting on my post… your words are comforting to me, thank you.

    take care.

  • wowie, what an inspirational place. Your photos are wonderful. Like a book of fairytale illustrations..

  • Oooh!!! Mystical!!! Enchanting..make sure to spend some time with the fairies…tell them all your secrets! xx

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