packing for a weekend away, staying at this gorgeous little place – castle cottage
we tried for the treehouse, but it is booked well in advance.
(found in the book go slow england)

planning adventures
you were wild here once. don’t let them tame you.
-isadora duncan

(darlene’s delightful december views project 2008)

* ttv dust layer applied to all my december view photos is thanks to moth.to.flame (filter found in the ttvdust pool on flickr)

2 thoughts on “wild

  • Thank you so much for sharing what you are doing in England. I am planning a trip there in the next year or two, and I have a very specific idea in mind of the kind of things I want to experience–and no idea how to go about it. Seeing what you are up to is helping me firm up plans. Also, thank you for that wonderful quote.

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