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i believe something magical happens when we work together. yes, good stuff can also happen when we go it alone, i just also happen to like the results when creative people play together instead of always keeping to themselves.

these collaborative projects and places on the interwebs are proof of the brilliance i’d say…*

52 photos project
this is the brainchild of my friend bella. with weekly photo prompts and an encouraging community, this is a great place to hang out in, try some new things and maybe make some new friends.

exquisite corpse collective
like the parlour game. i remember playing it when i was younger and loved it.

just me & my dad
Claire and her dad have a weekly theme and post a weekly photo. all for getting to know their cameras & each other better.

london vs. paris
Xanthe and Irene look for beauty in the ordinary

[updated to include] mortal muses
a collaborative environment where photographers at any level can explore, create, encourage, inspire and be inspired.

people vs. places
Stephanie shoots “people,” Timothy shoots “places”, both on the same roll of film, with magic results

[updated to include] polaroid girls
documenting the world with a weekly polaroid diptych

the four
four women. four beautiful interpretations based around a quote.

weekends collected
this one is mine. it’s open to everyone and i’m still accepting submissions.
* you can decide whether this is brilliant or not without my saying so.

words to shoot by
i’ve told you about this one before (and some of you are contributors there). love the one word theme and the amazing results

any others you know of that i should check out?