sundays are for…


our landlord has put our flat on the market.

we don’t need to move, yet, but i’ve started the process of elimination again.

we arrived in london, five years ago, with just a large backpack and a small one each. now, in our two bedroom flat we have much more than we need. even though we don’t have a lot of clutter, if i was moving countries again, a lot of the things here would not go with me.

some of those things are sitting in a very large pile in the living room, waiting to be dropped off at a local charity collection bin. some will go on ebay, some recycled.

the house looks like a hurricane has been through it.

but for just a few moments, i stop and play.


since i have been asking virtually everyone i know to contribute to my online collaboration, i thought i’d better contribute too… so it’s my turn today at weekends collected.

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