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a true story about the power of love, gratitude and abundance

when my faith wavers and my eyes begin to see more despair, dirt and grit than hope in the world, something happens to remind me of the power of community…

like the little house that love built.
(back story from kelly-rae here, more from jen here and a request from my dear friend gypsyalex here)

most of you who visit any of the above inspirational beings quite possibly already know about this story. for those who don’t and who are feeling even a little despondent, without faith, or hope, or anything good to cling to, hold on to this…

in order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?
igor stravinsky

yesterday when i looked at the chip in site of the little house that love built, the final few dollars of the $2500 that was needed had already been raised…

yet more was being given.
today, when again i visited, still more had been given.

jen shared a beautiful short story of thanks which you can listen to here

it makes my heart sing to see so many people in this amazing online community giving to another in need and it fills me with hope.

maybe if it’s hope that you need today, it will give you some too.