in the company of friends

if you asked me what i know now that i didn’t know then
i’d say to you that i’ve learned how to be alone in a whole new way
a way that has forced me to grow up…
without losing any of the playfulness i admire in myself.
i bring to the now, the realisation that some friendships endure
despite the size of the ocean that divides them, and that
some friendships i thought would last forever are just not meant to be that way
i bring to the now, precious new friendships found in the past year
and carry with me the dreams and plans for my future
i would say to you that creativity is something that can’t be ignored,
or abandoned, because it will keep showing up at the door,
until you let it in. and i’d say that there’s always room in here
for joy and for sadness… because i have learned that i cannot truly
appreciate one without the other. and that sometimes,
not knowing what’s next is the best way to be.

5 thoughts on “knowledge

  • I really like this post!

    It touched me in a special, profound, knowing way.

    Thank you for these important truths and reminders.

  • this is really beautiful and so true..

    i believe everyone is creative..

    it’s true that you cannot appreciate joy without sadness and vice versa. there always needs to be a balance..

  • i am sorry, i visited your blog this morning and did not leave a note. I did post a copy of your ‘in the company’ on my blog along with a link back here.

    i was so very moved by this piece. it spoke to me deeply and expressed things i had felt but not been able to put words to.

    thank you.

    beautifully done.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t even take an ocean… But I know exactly what you mean, and it is encouraging to see that you have found new friendships, and that you are looking forward with both realism and hopeful expectation.

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