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david duChemin

david duChemin

David duChemin is a really awesome dude.

Not very long ago (I’m a slow learner) I realised that, if I want my photography to improve, I need to hang out with people whose work I admire. I was stuck. Wanting to be ‘better’ (whatever the hell that means) and knowing that a way I could help myself do that was to find people that could help me out.

Enter Within the Frame (WTF*), the Craft & Vision books and David duChemin. I’ve been a fan of his work for quite some time, following his blog, leaving random comments and cheering him on as he recovers from a serious fall. I seriously believe this dude has magical powers.

As well as being smart, funny and fun to be around, this dude is kind. David pushed me to ask people if I could photograph them (which I totally needed)… He sat patiently, listening as I had a number of meltdowns, then offered me some honest feedback and advice… He offered me the use of his camera and gave me an introduction to how tilt-shift lenses actually work…

And he sat and let me photograph him.
It was truly an amazing gift.

More than once on the trip I was brought to my knees – sometimes with a camera in my hands, sometimes simply grateful for not being dumb enough to cancel my ticket.

Now, after being back for just over a week, I find my digital darkroom skills lacking. But I hope you get a sense of how much this guy means to me when you see these images.

* I did tell you this dude is funny.