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days of rain

days of rain

For a few days it was raining in Barcelona. Pouring down. When it rains a whole other world takes over. The people rush inside the houses. Hide under their umbrellas. Hide until it stops. The water ponds grow and grow. I went down the street. Had the street by my self. Breathing in fresh air. Like the city is being cleaned. Appreciation.

168 paper boats are placed in the ponds. Creating their own little worlds. Available to be seen by people with an eye for details.

A Street installation in Sants, Barcelona, March 2011 by Vibeke Floridon Nordtømme
Folded pages from books (13,5 x20 cm) x 168

Photo credits: Vibeke Floridon Nordtømme
There are a vast number of talented photographers in this world.
I want to share some of them with you, and store them here (so I can find them again later when I am seeking inspiration)