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So what if instead of fearing the power of dark thoughts, we used our minds’ power to create safe havens within ourselves to explore them. Maybe literally envisioning cocoons inside our hearts where we can sit before cozy fires, hot drinks in hand, and ask of our fear and laziness and depression and shame and lust and rage and whatever other thing we might otherwise try to ignore: What is it you’d like to say to me? What indispensable nourishment do you have for the Life of trust I want to live?

Kristen Noelle

And… what if, instead of fearing the power of the dark thoughts Kristen writes of, i gather with my soul family(*) and sit before cozy fires, hot drinks in hand, and share my dark thoughts… giving them voice… allow them to be witnessed in safe company?

what if, in this sharing, i discover that i am not alone…?
and that these dark thoughts are to be made friends with; that there is no shame in feeling all of it…
that through connection, faith and beauty i find the truth of my life…?


(*) i gathered in such company over a weekend in a cotswold cottage with my friends emma, jo, lisa, meg, penny, sas and susannah.
where both the sacred and the profane were welcomed.
where fears are to be talked about and shared – given light.
where no part of me is shameful, no part of me is not worth listening to.

i rest in the grace of the world and i am free.