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death by a thousand paper cuts

death by a thousand paper cuts

palm beach, waiheke island seascape

oh february,

you have kicked my ass. this was not at all how i imagined you’d be. hot on the heels of a january that passed by like a whirlwind, you fill my days with one test after another. nothing major of course, just small things that have all added up to feel like death by a thousand paper cuts.

still, you haven’t been all bad. there’s been loads of visitors and a strange compulsion to take up trail running. we’ve got most of our studio space done, and had some kick-ass sunshine to laze about in when we’re not re-staining the house or cutting up dead trees for firewood.

i’ve finally made time to go back to my morning walks by the sea, milo seems settled and i’ve got my first local commission.

still, if you could slow down a little bit and let me catch my breath before i turn around and go “whoa! what happened to 2015?!” that would be great.