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great big dreams!

i’ve just had a wicked reminder today to never dismiss anything as unobtainable; that every dream no matter how big or small (or seemingly far away) is possible.

i have been following christine kane’s blog for some time now. i can’t even remember how i found her and it really doesn’t matter now. what matters is that what she writes resonates with me on many levels and contains wisdom that i am now ready and willing to hear.

as well as song and blog writing, christine facilitates retreats for women. this year she is running three and one of them happens to be while i am in the usa.

even better, i am going. and i’m very excited about it. i’ve been dancing with joy all morning since finding out that i am able to. who would have thought that me, from new zealand, would ever be able to go to one of her retreats?

me. i did. i thought that.

i love synchronicity. and the more i believe in it, the more it seems to happen.
go figure.