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vision board

vision board

one of the activities we did over the weekend at christine kane’s great big dreams retreat was firstly to spend some time writing down what our vision for the future is like. i’ve had mine bubbling in my head for a while and it was great to have the space and the time to write it down on paper. of course, it’s only the foundation of the vision, but it gives me something to expand on.

secondly, we were invited to spend an afternoon creating a vision board. i used a book instead of a big piece of cardboard as it’s easier and more practical for traveling. now i have a journal that i can keep adding other images to as a reminder of my vision.

Small Dsc 0713-1

me sharing some of my future vision. thanks to the lovely and talented Cris for the pic.

i remember the first one of these that i did. it was around six years ago and i’ve been doing variations of them every year since. one of the things that was on my very first vision board was a picture of the greek islands. this year, i’m going there.

i invite you to spend some time doing this. for tips and advice on how to go about it, see this great blog posting of Christines.