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NZ has a bookstore that is 110 years old this year. How did I not know this until today.

Do I ask enough questions. Am I curious enough?

I romanticise picnics … rugs, wicker baskets heaving with bread cheese and wine. A book tucked into a corner for reading in the arms of a pohutukawa tree. Our picnics never look like this, they are usually rushed – like we have somewhere more important to be – or never happen at all. This summer I intend to change that, even if it means picnics by myself. I believe some days should be wasted on idle pursuits such as these.

There are five flowers in pots on the deck waiting to be planted in the garden. I haven’t had much luck with flowers here, but these seem quite hardy. Our whole garden is one big experiment. I remain hopeful.

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  • I have romantic ideas of picnics too, but the reality is always different somehow – from eating in the back of the car while rain pours down, to sand getting in the food, to just being so darned uncomfortable sitting on the ground for too long. But picnicking is what New Zealanders do, and therefore I must continue. Your garden sounds exciting.

    • Ha. Yes, it is what we do. And I can totally relate to the sand! Maybe I will never get them anywhere near my romantic notions, I hope to have fun trying though.

      Our garden is mostly trees. And clay. And vegetables and flowers are difficult to grow. But a garden full of trees (& the native birds that live here) is pretty extraordinary.

  • I’m loving your tiny words-only posts lately. I have never been a picnic-er but I’ve always longed to be. Maybe next summer! Let me know how yours goes and if you have any tips. I once heard of creating a picnic club… how fun would that be?

    • Thanks darlin’. I surely will let you know. And yes! A picnic club sounds fabulous.

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