It’s my first exhibition and I feel dreadfully unprepared. I turn up at Barossa with my prints to find an empty wall in the cafe waiting for my art. Other artists are already there. They have hammers, measuring tapes, picture hooks, picture wire…

Thankfully the walls already have some holes and some screws and I only have to borrow a couple of nails and a hammer. I make a mental note to be more prepared should an opportunity like this come my way again.

It’s by chance that I’m here. We know the owners, because we are regulars. A couple of weeks ago I asked about the art on the walls and was told that it changes regularly and that there was an opportunity for customers to show their work coming up next. Nic remarked that I was a photographer and I was invited to show Katie some of my work.



Polaroids, I thought. Something a bit different. Yes, I’ll try that.

So, in I go with some samples. She loved them.

I also chose one of my recent favourite digital photos and added it to the collection.

So, I have been scanning, ordering prints, getting frames made. And today, some of my photographs are hanging in a cafe. I’m blown away by the quality of work my art shares the walls with. I admired and complimented the other artists, whilst my insides were forming into something the shape of a walnut. Is my stuff really good enough to be on display? Will any of it captivate anyone who frequents this place enough for them to want to take it home?

I have three weeks to find out. And if no-one buys it, I will at least have some of my own artwork to hang on the walls in our flat.


19 thoughts on “exhibition

  • Oh Leonie I am so excited for you! Your photos are wonderful and any one would be nuts not to see your talent! Congratulations truly, and can’t wait to hear more..

  • your work is amazing and I wish you that it can be only the first exhibition of a long series :)

  • Wooo hoo! I haven’t taken a minute to let you know how happy it makes me to know that YOU are taking huge, brave creative leaps of faith. Leonie, this is amazing! Your photos belong up on those walls for people to admire. You capture magic, girl – and you do a fantastic job of it. xo

  • You create such beauty wherever you go – this space is a perfect example of just one way that you do it. SO proud of you Leoniewise. xxxxx

  • Love it Leonie – I had a dream about you guys a few weeks ago and I was riding to see you on a little tricycle and I was meeting you at a coffee shop, at the time I wasn’t sure what it meant ;-) I’m sure they’ll get snapped up.

  • yay you
    good on you for running toward an opportunity
    wishing you a happy sales season

  • So proud of you! And totally deserved. You are divinely talented and see with such loving eyes.
    (I’m so happy that I’ve been there with you, too! I can totally picture it all)

  • they look amazing Leonie! Congratulations and well done for accepting this acknowledgment of your gifts x

  • Oh it’s wonderful, because your photos are great because you shoot from a place called heart and soul. You know that’s why your gut forms into a walnut and that’s why you feel slightly sick when you compare… because your heart and soul is in it.

    So proud of you Leonie! xoxo

  • Bravo, Leonie! Good for you! The photos look great. You are a rockstar (even when you don’t believe it). :) xx

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