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postcards from oaxaca

postcards from oaxaca

I have spent the last week in Oaxaca, Mexico at a photography workshop run by my new friend Jeffrey Chapman and, my real-life hero, David duChemin.


I have hung out in cemeteries after dark, walked on the top of a mountain that was levelled off by the Zapotec in order to build their temples, eaten fried grasshoppers and mole negro, got a mild case of food poisoning (not from the grasshoppers), taken more portraits than the rest of my photography days combined and had a number of meltdowns because I want to be a better photographer and my current skill doesn’t match my vision.

I have learned a couple of new tricks and made some incredible friends. My heart is full to bursting and I am changed.

I’m now sitting in the United club lounge in Houston sharing wine with Jeffrey, wondering how my life got to be this amazing. Grateful for every moment that came before that has led me to these ones.

More to come once I’ve processed all my photographs.