sadly, the sx-70 i purchased recently appears to be a dud. i got only three recognisable shots out of two packs of film. none of these were taken holding the camera, i have to sit it on something as the exposure time is about 30 seconds, even with all the filter adjustments recommended to make this camera work with 600 film.




3 thoughts on “fail

  • I too, feel your pain. For me, the best shots I’ve taken have all been outside (and my sx70 has auto focus…which helps me, a lot!)

  • I feel your pain toots…I’m having the same with mine taking many seconds to “compute” and I guess I could try your method of sitting it down, since mine are all blurry due to me holding it while it exposes.

    I have to say though,I REALLY like the glass jar shot alot. And the tomatoes are nice too! Keep ’em coming if you don’t lose hope with this SX70.

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