(image inspired by my friends wendy and david)

  1. I can ride a horse bareback or with a saddle, have flown a plane, ridden a Segway multiple times (we had one in our office a few jobs back), been for a ride in a hot air balloon, driven a tractor, been both white and black water rafting and jack-knifed a quad bike trying to reverse it with a trailer on the back. But I can’t ski.
  2. I have dreams in which I can breathe underwater. Sometimes they linger after waking for a while and I start thinking that it just might be possible. I got my diving certificate so I could experience it in a small way and the ocean’s tides and the call of the sea remain a constant in my energy fields.
  3. Living in the city often means I lose sight of who I really am. A trip to the sea, or the country, or to wander barefoot through a park, or (if I’m really stuck) just standing barefoot on the grass usually sets me straight. Deep and real conversations with friends will do it too.
  4. I often wish I could be invisible; or at least pass by unnoticed.
  5. I wish I’d paid more attention to the things my mother has to teach me. I’m trying to make up for lost time and it seems impossible.

* this list prompted by five fact friday, found via my friend xanthe – what would yours be?
** for other lists of five, check out angie’s 5fives
*** i am still accepting contributions for weekends collected. everyone is welcome. really, everyone. tell us about yours.

14 thoughts on “five

  • Wow – you’ve had some great experiences – I hope there are many more to come for you! Love you facts !

  • oh, yes to being invisible from time to time. and yes to standing in the grass.
    what a lovely way to share yourself via this list…

    p.s. weekends collected submission coming your way in a day or two ;)

  • love your list …mmm dreams that I can fly are always the best …haven’t had those in awhile. feeling like I need to step away and go to the beach or back to the woods too.
    hoping to have something for weekends next week perhaps…i’ll be in touch

  • Wow, how exciting !
    Love your 5 facts and the photo is wonderful !
    Have a nice weekend,

  • Wouldn’t it have been great if we had known to pay attention to what our Mom’s were telling us?
    I have mastered becoming invisible, but apparently only in front of my kids when I’m asking them to clean something up!

  • What an exciting life you lead. My is quite dull by comparison!! Although I do have a horse. I prefer in a Western Saddle. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • what a beautiful collection of 5 facts…… i love the invisible dream…
    me too…..

    so nice to be here…such a lovely site…. have a beautiful day!

  • Yes, you’re playing along, cheers!
    Sometimes I feel invisible as I get older, it really does happen, but you’re talking about invisible on purpose, now that would be fun – a fly on the wall in certain circumstances.
    Your adventuring is inspiring, I’d like to hot air balloon one day. x.

    • Oh some parts of it are quite ordinary I assure you, I guess I just like to try pretty much everything!


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