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three days

three days

these are the things i want to remember…

rain in the backyard - photo by leonie wise
how the weekend began with wine & cheese and how they know us now and give us tasters of new wine they are trying out. how the kiwi dude there is called sandy, which reminds me so much of home that i will never forget his name. and how he introduced us to some new music which we currently have on repeat. how the lightning directly overhead on saturday made me jump. and how we had hailstones the size of golf balls landing on our garden. how there was so much rain that the gutters couldn’t hold it all and we had a waterfall in our backyard. how cold it was when i went to play underneath it. and how incredible a warm shower felt after being so chilled. how he made me decaf affogato and how good it tasted. and how, just when i’d started to worry about not having enough guest writers for weekends collected, some beautiful new submissions hit my inbox. and how i am grateful for so many willing contributors.

how the sun came out on sunday and we went for a nice long bike ride along the thames path. how green it all was. and how we stopped short of our original destination because we found the *perfect* spot by the river – with a flat space for our picnic and a somewhere to dip our toes into the cool water. how the sound of the boats motoring past and the kids playing in the water on the over side of the river just added to the perfection. how the sun sparkled on the water like new constellations of stars. how everything looks different upside down. how he told me things about his childhood i’d never heard before and how much that means to me – that we can be 10 years married and still not know everything about each other that there is to know. how the cycle back through the park with a stop in barnes for a cider was the best ending to the day.

how today started with coffee and home-made banana & chocolate muffins in bed. and how i got to visit the allotment with sas & ash, to pick berries and learn about bees. and how much it felt like i’d been let in to the inner sanctum. how my nails are stained blue and my arms & legs are still stinging from the nettles. how there was just enough berries to make four tiny jars of jam. how much i crammed into the weekend. and how much happier i am because we stayed home so i could experience all of this.