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Five things to be cheerful about this Monday

Five things to be cheerful about this Monday

1 // Paper alchemy

I totally agree with this as an idea.

2 // Travel is not a cure for the mind

Instead of having the wanderlust of travel guide our search for meaning, we have to look within and embrace the only thing that is present now. The only thing that actually exists today.
– The Box of Daily Experience.

This is a fantastic article that expands on something I often think about. And it is a fabulous and timely reminder to jolt me out of the thoughts that have been running through my own mind for the past few weeks about my own Box of Daily Experience.

3 // Flower beards

These are fantastic!

4 // This gave me chills

Beatboxing the Phantom of the Opera.

5 // The littlest things

Library books. A yoga workshop. A roll of film in the camera. A fresh batch of kombucha in the jar. Autumn mornings.