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Five things to be thoughtful about this Monday

Five things to be thoughtful about this Monday

1 // Life is not a journey

it’s the dance. Wisdom from Alan Watts, animated by AfterSkool

2 // These words from Claire Christian

I like to imagine that self-love is over here throwing the raddest party and a whole heap of people are choosing not to come because it’s a fancy dress party. And they hate fancy dress. But we forget that parties are fun and the point of a fancy dress party is that you can wear whatever you bloody well please.
(via Peppermint Magazine)

3 // And these words from Osho

The fear that things may change tomorrow … somebody may die, you may go bankrupt, your job may be taken away, there are a thousand and one things that might change. You are burdened with fears and fears, and none of them are valid — because yesterday also you were full of all these fears, unnecessarily. Things may have changed, but you are still alive. And people have an immense capacity to adjust themselves to any situation.

4 // 100 days without fear

A TedxHouston talk by Michelle Poler

5 // #icantkeepquiet