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Five things to be cheerful about this Monday

Five things to be cheerful about this Monday

1 // A newly borrowed library book

The Wanderers by Meg Howrey

2 //This quote

As soon as we conform anything to language we have changed it. Use a word, and you’ve altered the world. The poets know this. It’s what they try so hard to avoid.
– from A Doubter’s Almanac (last weeks library book)

3 //Interesting conversations

In the company of women

4 // The moon lists

I can’t remember how I came across these originally. But I have had fun wandering through the archives of them all.

Recent favourites include Emma Lipp

Social media has been in so many ways a savior, keeping me connected to friends and culture digitally. But I want to be more embodied in the physical world. Read more. Write more. Disconnect more. Watch more films in the company of other humans. Intake images less. We are inundated with imagery.

and Su Wu

… it’s possible I danced on the water line until the moon rose, each step salt-streaked and tracing light.

5 // Good places to eat in Wellington

I’m off to a conference in our capital city in a couple of weeks and I am loving finding new (to me) places to eat whilst I am there.