i am back in a place where my heart is full and my head is empty…
…because i don’t have any words to adequately describe the weekend i’ve just had with seven glorious women.

so, in lisa’s words…

the realest of real women gathered this weekend. shed, nourished, clear, expanded, relieved, and ready to give voice and take action on all possibility.

emma, jo, lisa, megg, penny, sas and susannah… i love you more than crumpets toasted over an open fire.

9 thoughts on “full

  • You are a gift LeonieWise. I feel so blessed to be on the same path as you – thank you for making us play together!!

    You are loved. SO much.

  • they don’t call you wise for nothing, great gorgeous you. i feel seen straight through by you.

    love you so. and am missing your delectable dishes something fierce. damn if i have to make my own breakfast today. ;)

    xxx lisa

  • i just want to envelope you a HUGE hug, but my buddha belly will get in the way – after the gorgeous, scrumptious, cooking you created – i love you leoniewise xo

  • you make like totally the best ever scrambled eggs ever in the history of the world.
    love you for realz leoniewise xxx

  • Leonie*
    i’ve been reading about this gathering here & there. it sounds most delicious. hooray for you & your tribe. i am looking forward to a gathering this weekend with some beauties i have come to know through september ’09 saw. such goodness!
    sending you a warm embrace,

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