hey, wake up

That feeling weighs heavy. Like we crave for something else. You can’t describe the feeling. But it’s there. It’s real. And it makes you feel a little empty. We take that feeling to work with us. And bring it back home again. Sometimes it even comes on holiday with us. If failure can trap us, success can do the same thing. Maybe we climbed our corporate ladder, and didn’t like the view from the top. Or started our own company only to find you had fallen out of love with it. And you couldn’t tell anyone. We live ‘divided’ lives. The inner you doesn’t match the outer you. That conversation can take years to resolve. Sometimes, it goes unanswered. Because we find ways to numb the pain. To block it out. But that feeling just taps-taps-taps away. That feeling has our back. Because it is our soul telling us: ‘Hey, wake up. You got other stuff to do.’
– via the chicken shed chronicles

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