i’m having an interesting conversation with some of the images i made in hokkaido. i have kind of ended up with a few different styles of images rather than just one set that are all based around the same theme or idea.

it feels like there’s a couple of different pieces that aren’t yet complete and i’m still working on distilling these into something i can define; so for now i’ll just show you four of my favourite minimalist-type photos from the trip.

hokkaido-winter-12 hokkaido-winter-13 hokkaido-winter-5 hokkaido-winter-1

3 thoughts on “hokkaido

  • i feel the strongest connection to the 2nd & 4th images. Not fond of the vignette on these kinds of images. More than anything, I’m keen to see how you print these, both in terms of size & paper you choose.

  • The way you see things is so beautiful to me. The term ‘achingly beautiful’ really applies. I experience a longing. It’s like falling in love. x

  • gorgeous work, leonie! the minimalism and simplicity of these are so refreshing and inspiring to me. can’t wait to see more. i feel like these would be so great framed in a grouping on a wall. so stark, yet fascinating.

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