two hearts
home is the place
where my heart resides
(and has nothing to do with location)

stocking - medium

don’t these look like socks that an elf would leave behind?

looking a bit thin
they are locally made from recycled materials, look well cute and fit lots of goodies in them. found at the green apple

o range lead-free crystal goodness from reidel

city walks - london
a very thoughtful secret santa gift from a colleague

(for december views)

2 thoughts on “home

  • Hope it was a merry time for you! I love the stockings and the wine glasses are just gorgeous.

  • Those stockings are wonderful and so cute! I’ve been meaning to sew my own for my family for the past few years, but between one thing and another I have only finished three out of six. Oh well, there’s always next year…

    Yes, the snow is really beautiful, almost magical sometimes. I just wish it wouldn’t fall on the streets and sidewalk–I’m kind of paranoid about falling and getting into wrecks, and I get really bad cabin fever during the winter. But this year I am determined to handle it better, and I was actually giddy this afternoon when we went out–so many beautiful things to see and photograph. =)

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