postcards from iceland

we are here

this hotel chosen for (i) it’s proximity to the blue lagoon (the name of which always makes me think of this movie) and (ii) the fact that it’s out of the city of reykjavik and we are more likely to see the northern lights.

fingers crossed we see them tonight.

panoramic – taken by nicbest viewed large

the view from our room

how to cool a bottle of veuve clicquot kiwi-style…
hang it out the window (in the -5 degC temperatures) in a plastic bag tied to a shoe-lace.

12 thoughts on “postcards from iceland

  • this is truely an amazing place to celebrate the begining of the year, gorgeous photos, you make me dream ! have a fantastic time, xo

  • My stars, you guys really get around. I hope the northern lights give you a show and thank you for the great photos. I just know you are warm and happy. It fits you. xo

  • OMG!!! I never ceased to be amazed at your travels, dear Leonie!


    Enjoy :-)

    Happy New Year!

  • I have never seen the Northern Lights and would love to one day. What a photo that would make!

  • Oh wow. These photos are stunning. Just looking at them makes me feel as though I am breathing that same air and cleansing my body. Good luck with seeing the northern lights (I’ll look forward to seeing them vicariously!)
    Best wishes for the new year,
    x emily.

  • leonie*
    thank you for your sweet little “offering”/comment on my blog today. i, too, enjoy traveling here and witnessing pieces of your adventures.

  • AWESOME and AMAZING. Have a hella time, my dears. Happy New Years.

  • Great idea to cool the champers! And wow, did Nic take that photo with his phone??!! Fantastic view! xo

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