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[more] postcards from iceland

[more] postcards from iceland

iceland. population 300,000 (approx). that’s 3 people per square kilometre which is a great ratio considering the average EU country has 2-300 in the same space! they also have more sheep here than people, kinda like new zealand…

power is primarily geo-thermal (some is hydro) and i think it’s actually kinda cool that we have one of the power stations right next door to our hotel. they have so much power in iceland here that they can afford to have 2 hour long showers and never have to worry about running out of hot water. after a cold day outside, a shot of the local vodka is also a great way to warm up and the wool that their sheep grow here is water-resistant and ultra insulating. wicked.

they have hydrogen fuel, cute looking horses, stunning scenery (including northern lights, which we are yet to experience first-hand) and a bloody difficult language.

i think i’m in love

iceland is a land being torn in half. at the rift, we move between 2 tectonic plates:
the north american plate on one side

the rift

and the eurasian plate (in the distance) on the other.
their first parliament stood on the site of the buildings in the middle of this photo. Þingvellir national park

a necklace of frozen jewels around a geysir

this geysir erupts about every 5 minutes

myndaniðurstöður fyrir gulfoss – the golden waterfall

snowmobiling on iceland’s 2nd largest glacier langjökull, as the sun sets (about 4 hours after sunrise)
(sometimes, not being the lead dog – or driving the snowmobile – has its advantages)

our chariot for the day. like a hummer. but a gzillion times cooler.

happy new year everyone