if you came to visit

20140313-121441.jpgmatiatia wharf – waiheke island ferry terminal. iphone 5s

there’s so many things i would like to show you here…

if you came to visit, we’d wake up early and have a strong cup of coffee then drive to one of the eastern beaches to sit and watch the sunrise. if the tide was right we could go for a swim. we’d spend the day doing whatever you loved – shopping, sitting in cafes people-watching and talking, heading out for a walk along a beach, or in one of the regional parks. we’d find somewhere to have lunch – outdoors if it’s sunny, indoors if it’s cool.

we’d finish our day on a beach on the western coast; we’d stop and get fish & chips (wrapped in newspaper) and sit, quietly, watching the sun sink below the waves.

{and, if you come to stay in a month or so, you will need to catch a ferry to my place… we are moving to an island just off the coast of auckland. i would meet you at the ferry terminal and we’d make a day of exploring the island – beaches, wineries, a cafe where we can sit for a while and discuss all the things that matter.}

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5 thoughts on “if you came to visit

  • Beautiful…NZ is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it from family and friends who have been there! Good luck with your move…I live on an island too and love it!

    • thanks Kate – we are pretty excited about our move. let me know if you ever visit and i can give you a list of places to see x

  • Ahhh! Beautiful. I would love a strong coffee and a little exploring with you, thank you very much! Thanks for sharing this week. xo

  • Oh god, written (and said outloud) as a wistful sigh :-) That reads too beautiful. I’m so glad you have an island home xo

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