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if you came to visit

if you came to visit

20140313-121441.jpgmatiatia wharf – waiheke island ferry terminal. iphone 5s

there’s so many things i would like to show you here…

if you came to visit, we’d wake up early and have a strong cup of coffee then drive to one of the eastern beaches to sit and watch the sunrise. if the tide was right we could go for a swim. we’d spend the day doing whatever you loved – shopping, sitting in cafes people-watching and talking, heading out for a walk along a beach, or in one of the regional parks. we’d find somewhere to have lunch – outdoors if it’s sunny, indoors if it’s cool.

we’d finish our day on a beach on the western coast; we’d stop and get fish & chips (wrapped in newspaper) and sit, quietly, watching the sun sink below the waves.

{and, if you come to stay in a month or so, you will need to catch a ferry to my place… we are moving to an island just off the coast of auckland. i would meet you at the ferry terminal and we’d make a day of exploring the island – beaches, wineries, a cafe where we can sit for a while and discuss all the things that matter.}

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