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in the neighbourhood

in the neighbourhood

we’re finishing up what is our second week of working from home. in some ways, we notice little difference on our island. the roads near our house were usually quiet – now just a little more so. but people have always walked their dogs and passed by on horseback – now we can just hear them more clearly.

feeling overwhelmed and sad yesterday, i grabbed my camera and headed out for a walk in the neighbourhood.

here’s some of what’s nearby…

Blue sky and clouds (c) Leonie Wise

despite being in autumn now and the evenings being cooler, days are still warm with blue skies and a few wandering clouds

this little walkway is just a few hundred metres from our gate. this crosses a wetland area and just by the bridge you see in the second photo is where we often see ducks, kingfisher, shags and occasional banded rail. over the other side is ostend village – the ostend market that waiheke is known for, as well as the supermarket and a few other little shops close enough for us to walk to.

the area near where we live has these beautiful, quiet tree-lined roads. so lovely to walk along, hearing mostly birdsong, greeting other walkers as they pass by at a safe distance (all of us taking care to cross the road if someone is walking on the same side as us).

even in our small community, waiheke has it’s share of kooks and conspiracy theorists, nimbys and people that are just downright nasty (i’m looking at you facebook commenters). but most of the people we have come to call friends here are all looking out for each other – including the little road where we live, which has a whatsapp group to keep us connected and encouraging each other.

stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, be kind.