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lay it down

lay it down

that thing that feels like an obligation, even though its for someone you love with all your heart. come home instead, curl up in your warm bed and indulge in being at rest (let your husband take care of you too). stay there until you feel like you’re good and ready to come out.

the feeling that something has been irretrievably lost. nothing is ever lost, it has simply been overshadowed by something you believed to be more important/necessary/fulfilling/meaningful (delete as applicable).

the idea of how something ought to be. revel in what is offered here in front of you.

that feeling that you have failed somehow because you are missing some essential skill/knowledge that you quietly believe everyone  else in the world has (though you do not have – or have ever had – any proof of this). 

the tangible ache of a friendship not tended.

lay it all down.