life on film


dew on a spiders web. 35mm film (c) leonie wise


i have three posts in my drafts folder… most just one sentence, or a post title, none of them related, time capsules of places i was wandering through in my mind – not yet abandoned, but left for future exploration. i feel like the more i am in the world, the less i have to say about it.

right now though there is winter light, morning fog, firelight, trail running, ways of bringing mindful practises to everyday life, 35mm, iphone, digital cameras gathering dust.

i visit your online spaces quietly; sometimes nodding along, occasionally leaving comments, content to bear witness without always contributing to verbal communication.

i am here.
life is juicy.
how (really, how) are you?

2 thoughts on “life on film

  • such a delicate image. Being present in the moment is a precious state to be in and I’ve learnt to value it, purposefully leaving my camera at home sometimes. Not too often though :)

  • your pictures always take my breath away. i find same as you that when i am deeper in the world i have fewer words to share about it.

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