make some time for wasting



1 // waiheke island weather report: open the doors to greet the sun. stand for a moment, grateful for all that you are, the places you travelled that brought you here, the friends who helped you fly. pray that the neighbours find their dog

2 // mess around. waste some time. have fun doing something creative. then get back to work

:: face down by katie todd


i found this cute tiny plant in a [also tiny] vintage enamel bowl today so i pulled out issue no.6 of 3191 quarterly and made a little hanger for it

One thought on “make some time for wasting

  • Oh my! the light! the light is coming back for you. That hanging pot is adorable.

    You’re making me want to shoot at 1.4 this weekend, that bokeh is DREAMY!!!!

    Happy weekend dearest. xxx

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