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today I’m just a drop of water

today I’m just a drop of water

1 // waiheke island weather report: savour the blues & greys that fill the sky like a soft blanket

2 // learn about the hidden stream thats story begins somewhere near the waiheke library. walk from source to sea & write watery words about it (from the water’s perspective) during the stream of words workshop. write them on banners to be hung with the others that cascade like a waterfall down the terraces outside

:: start of time by gabrielle aplin

waingaro (lost stream) poems

i am a lout amongst the librarians
flooding my way through
stacks of paperbacks
a deep sea swell in the
midst of the respectable readers
demanding riparian rights

i long to emerge
flashing with light; like
the scales, skulls & stories
that i harbour within me

braided stream
from source to sea
cauldron of clear water
painting the sand with
light, shade and shimmer;
one single step wide

you can read my life in
a single drop
– if you know where to look
for the messages.
slippery secrets nestle like eels
beneath my banks;
travel me often i might
teach you my song